Drive portfolio-wide productivity with full funnel multifamily intelligence

The problem

Let’s face it, keeping multifamily occupancy rates high and expenses low in the digital age is complex and costly. Manually evaluating and interpreting marketing, leasing, and retention data held hostage within spreadsheets and third-party software makes it virtually impossible to understand why and where properties are struggling to hit and maintain occupancy goals. To gain the insights needed to achieve your portfolio’s full potential, something must change… 

The solution

Built exclusively for property management executives, Remarkably’s multifamily intelligence software makes sense of your marketing, leasing, and retention data, and helps you put it to work in actionable, profitable ways. From initial website visit to executed lease and beyond, Remarkably transforms your data from raw to visualized with clicks (not code), quickly identifies actual and potential property performance issues, and offers insights and reports that help you confidently make data-driven decisions and easily share results with anyone in an instant.

Portfolio Intelligence

Consolidate, track, and analyze property performance across your entire portfolio. From marketing conversion rates and campaign investment returns to leasing performance and resident retention, gain valuable insights and reduce the amount of time your team spends aggregating, evaluating, and interpreting portfolio data.

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Portfolio Alerts and Reports

Analyze the aggregate performance of multiple properties and receive weekly portfolio emails that gives you a high-level summary of the performance health across numerous properties in a single email.

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Property Intelligence

Drill down into individual property performance for a deeper understanding of every metric in your leasing funnel. Receive insights that identify potential property performance issues and actionable recommendations that inform you of what’s wrong and how to fix it.

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Property Alerts and Reports

Property intelligence view highlights key insights and alerts, week-over-week changes, and progress against campaign targets for customers with models in place. The platform provides a deep dive into campaign investments, performance patterns over time, and performance compared to peers. Customers also receive emails highlighting weekly performance highs and lows.

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