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Improve multifamily asset performance with marketing analytics software.

Better Insights

Leverage deep analytics and data synthesis to surface actionable property insights.

Clearer Data

Quantify your property's campaign performance and benchmark against similar assets.

Proven Results

Improve leasing success with custom strategies driven from thousands of data points.

We use data and analytics to drive actionable insights.

Build highly targeted developments
Invest confidently in marketing with measurable ROI
Achieve leasing goals for underperforming assets
Optimize portfolio performance to exceed cash flow goals

Designed for—and by— real estate professionals

Erina Malarkey

CEO and Co-Founder

Erina has spent over a decade helping owners, investors and developers lease up their buildings, maintain stabilization and achieve their revenue goals, in some of the hottest markets across the country. As the former co-founder of VMO, she acquired and supported an impressive list of clients such as Greystar, Bentall Kennedy, The Carlyle Group, and UBS.

Erina was a 2017 ‘One to Watch’ finalist in the NAHB Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards and was a 2018 finalist in the ‘Rising Rock Star’ category of the ELEVATE Awards honoring diversity and women’s leadership in commercial real estate.

Anna-Lea Dieringer

CPO and Co-Founder

Anna-Lea is a seasoned leader with decades of experience spanning countries and verticals. As the former co-founder of VMO, she led campaign optimization for some of the nation’s top commercial real estate organizations including Avenue5, BlackRock, Mack Urban, Pinnacle, and Urban Renaissance Group. Anna-Lea has an extensive background in global research, strategic planning, measurement, and analytics. Previous to VMO, she led marketing and technology programs for the NBA, NHL, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Russell Investments.

Todd Cullen


Todd is a serial technology entrepreneur with experience building startups across 4 continents. He previously founded ThoughtLeadr, a native advertising company, which built one of the fastest ad server products on the planet. Prior to ThoughtLeadr, Todd built a mobile ideation firm called ReignDesign based in Shanghai, China. ReignDesign developed the very first iOS app for the enterprise for Standard Charter back in 2008. Over the course of his career, Todd has been a technical problem solver for companies like IBM, Nortel, Deutsche Telekom, Reddit, Salon, Conde Nast, and many more.

Pioneer Square Labs


Pioneer Square Labs (PSL) is a startup studio and venture capital fund. PSL exists to champion the next generation of founders by bringing together world-class talent, big ideas, and investment capital.